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A crown for a new king who couldn’t be stopped

He was shoved out. He could have dived. He could have taken the foul and slowed the game down. Instead, he stayed on his feet, knowing more than anyone that nothing could stop him. Gareth Bale stepped up, and now there are no doubts. Madrid will remember this one legendary run for years to come. [Art by Kendall Henderson. Words by Eric]

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Is there a way to practice being funnier? Generally, people say no. A sense of humor is so personal and subjective that we can’t teach it, all we can do is tell you how to best express your sense of humor. You tell us what you think is funny, and then we’ll tell you how to exaggerate that and heighten it.

Well, probably. But I’m trying to think of exercises and principles that might at least increase funniness. This feels sort of forbidden to even try. I might look back in a few months and think “Nope, you can’t really teach it.” But for now I’m trying. 

This is one of those entries that should definitely be regarded as BETA.

So: One of the clearest ways to have something funny in your improv scene is to have something IRONIC.  It’s not the only way, but it’s the clearest way. By ironic I mean something behaving in the opposite way that we expect it to.

A drill sergeant screaming nice things. A Mother Superior tearing apart her hotel room in a rage. A teacher burning a book. A bully cheering on the math team.

Could be the setting. A drill sergeant acting just like a drill sergeant but he’s in a yoga class.

It’s very close to simply being MEAN or STUPID — but it’s not. It’s something behaving in the opposite way. It’s not someone acting arbitrarily random, it’s opposite of their expected way. It’s not a drill sergeant being really into dubstep. It’s a drill sergeant being forgiving, or being against rules, or being soft-spoken.

Gilbert and Sullivan called this “the topsy-turvy.”

I bring this up because I see a lot of improvisers do scenes where something weird is happening, but it really isn’t funny.

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What is the first word, phrase, or picture that comes to mind for you when I say Autism? Feel free to embed a photo if that would be most accurate for you.

Photo 25 Aug Guys…fucking 2nd city.

Guys…fucking 2nd city.

Photo 26 Jul Apricots #redjacketorchards

Apricots #redjacketorchards

Photo 21 Jun 2 notes @jthanprime @laurenld #fernandoweddo killin in

@jthanprime @laurenld #fernandoweddo killin in

Photo 14 Jun New winery opened across the street! #loveGeneva #summer  (at Seneca Lake)

New winery opened across the street! #loveGeneva #summer (at Seneca Lake)

Photo 14 Jun Strawberries pick day 2. #redjacket (at Red Jacket Orchards)

Strawberries pick day 2. #redjacket (at Red Jacket Orchards)

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Florence and the Machine Cover “Cosmic Love” by Hermitage Green. F’ing the best music I have heard in a long while. 

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